User Data Policy

Welcome to KTMHD User data privacy policy page.

  1. Drive is part of Google.
    Ans : Google never allows its users’ data to be leaked.
  2. So why are we allowed access to Google Drive ?
    Ans. Google itself allows users to share files.
  3. So can you Some change on my drive?
    Ans : absolutely No . Neither we can see nor can’t change, we cannot do anything.
  4. So what do you do with our Google Drive access ?
    Ans : We can do nothing. If you want to add our movie to your Drive, then no one else can do it except you.
  5. yodrive & gdtot What is this ?
    Ans : yodrive & gdtot it is drive gateway that helps us add our movie to your drive.No one except you can open it.And according to Google’s system, they are automatically logged out after some time.
  6. Does the file add to our driver?
    Ans. of course. It gets added to your drive and you can access it accordingly.
  7. Is My Google Drive Secure?
    Ans : 100% Secure.
  8. So how many movies can we add ?
    Ans : When your driver becomes Storage full then you will have to delete old movies from your drive.
  9. What is the download speed ?
    Ans. Speed is unlimited, it will base your internet speed. ( Fastest than other platforms )